The Three Stages Of Creating A Grand Homepage

The Three Stages Of Creating A Grand Homepage

The creation of a website is a grand event for any business. With careful planning and the execution of every element of your website, it’s no wonder some businesses are desperate to see results in a short amount of time. One part of the website that’s extremely important to get right is the homepage. The homepage is the first thing that your visitors will see, so it makes sense that it needs to be great in order to convert people into salable customers. If you are a business that wants to see results in a very short amount of time the following is a guide to the top three stages of creating a grand homepage that increases the conversion rate.

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Stage 1 – Create a clear cut value proposition

With the launch of your homepage you’re really in the testing phase to see whether you’ve created a homepage the visitors like and whether it’s presented in a compelling way to convince a purchase. However, before you can actually optimize your copy to suit your customers, you first need your customers to use it. In the design phase you need to create a clear cut value proposition. Your homepage proposition may look something like this:

  • What Is It? – A company that sells affordable bridal wear to customers.
  • What Is It Solving? – Helping brides find affordable wedding items and dresses.
  • Who Is It For? – Brides on a budget.

When you know who your target audience is you can focus on creating a homepage which is familiar to this audience and which conveys your message clearly. You will only have a few seconds to convince your audience about what you’re offering, so creating a clear, easy to understand and easy to navigate website is important for optimal validation by your customers.

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Stage 2 – Listening to what your customers have to say

When you have customers, it’s important to get feedback from them so you can grow your company and your homepage to score more potential customers. Hearing what your customers have to say and how your customers are using your products, it will give you valuable insight into how you can push your company website and homepage to a whole new level. It will help with the overall marketing of the website, what you place on your homepage, and may help to improve your conversion rate. The idea of using customer feedback is to help change areas of your homepage to what they actually want, instead of guessing what they want. This will help you fix any headings, navigation problems, or other areas which may not be working as well. Incorporating heat mapping into your homepage can also help to enhance your understanding of where people click and where people are avoiding. It may just surprise you just where your visitors are clicking. If you want to give your visitors and costumers an easy to use, single click way to provide you first hand feedback visually about your website structure and design: consider signing up for DebugMe.

creating a grand home page

Stage 3 – Have a deeper understanding of your customers

Designing your homepage towards what your customers want can help to improve your overall conversions. Keeping a healthy balance of what your customers want while helping them to find it is key to creating a user friendly and reliable homepage that gives your customers all they want. When you’ve reached stage three of your homepage design you should have a much more deeper understanding of who your customers are, what they want, and where you feel you should be moving as a brand to deliver what they want. Continuing to listen to your customers is a great step to constantly keep your homepage up to date and to the point. This will make you an authority figure in their eyes, especially when you deliver new products or show them things they may not have thought they needed, but actually do.

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Continuing Your Homepage Growth

Whether you’re doing well or you want to boost your visitors to produce potential customers, you’ll find there is always something that needs to be addressed with your homepage to make sure you are constantly keeping up with your visitors wants and needs. When you first start out everything is difficult but with time, experimentation, and growth you can create and maintain a great homepage.


Building a great homepage for your website doesn’t necessarily mean having great colors and formatting, although this helps, it comes down to testing what your customers want, delivering want they want, and maintaining your authority in your industry. In doing these three stages you can create a grand website homepage that will appeal to all your visitors and potential customers. So have you made new changes to your homepage?


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