The Best Web Development and Web Design Tutorials on YouTube

The Best Web Development and Web Design Tutorials on YouTube

The internet has brought us almost endless possibilities. If you want to be good at a certain thing, start a new profession or just try out something as a hobby, you can do it. There are a lot of courses to attend, books to buy or download and of course millions of YouTube videos to watch. As we are developing a product most useful for front-end web developers and designers our blog also focuses mainly on web development and web design themed articles. So we’d like to present you some of the best web development and web design tutorials you can find on YouTube. Tune in, read on and become a better web developer or web designer today!

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Some of the Best Web Development and Web Design Tutorials on YouTube


Learn to code and build something amazing with easy to follow tutorials. Their goal is their goal. Codecourse wants you to learn web development in your own way by providing content that inspires you. One of the best web design tutorials resources.


Jesse publishes screen cast tutorials on topics such as: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Linux, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other things similar.. He just love learning & talking about computer software.


Mattias Petter Johansson (mpj for short) is a full-time programmer for about ten years. He’s worked for Absolut Vodka, Blackberry and currently work as a front-end developer for Spotify.

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Building websites is frustrating, or at least it can be. Level Up Tutorials sets how to help fix a major problem in learning technologies. The lack of in-depth, basic web development and web design tutorials that teach more than just what to type when. Videos created for Level Up Tutorials are aimed to be accessible and easy to follow while maintaining high production values.


Weekly videos of web development and web design tutorials. Each video quickly covers a topic to help us all become more awesome!  Everyone is invited to join in and get their nerd on. Interaction welcome!

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Mackenzie Child

Mackenzie Child spends his time designing stuff, coding stuff, and making videos teaching what he is learning. Tag along for these great web design tutorials!

Brad Hussey

Brad is from Sub-Arctic Canada and he works from home and makes a living online. He’s that weird guy who loves Mondays because he loves what he does. He wants to teach you to be the best web designer & coder that you can be. He wants to help you cultivate your passion, reach your potential and live the life that is most true to you.

The 24 Best Web Development and Web Design Tutorials on YouTube #webdev #webdesign Click To Tweet


This channel share events, tutorials, courses, talks, webinar, code talk… related to AngularJS, NodeJS, Javascript, NodeJS Frameworks, PHP, Python, MongoDb, NoSQL, Couchbase, SQL Server and more!

Quentin Watt

Quentin is a web developer and YouTube creator based in Johannesburg South Africa. He makes web development and web design tutorials.  He has been creating content for YouTube since July 2012 and he has been a professional web developer since September 2014.  He spends most of his days at work building, and modifying WordPress, or Joomla templates, and most of his videos on this channel are focused on web development and web design tutorials, but when he’s not coding, he likes to go on adventures and spend some time outdoors seeing and experiencing new things.

Source Decoded

Source Decoded is all about decoding the best programming patterns and practices to unlock your inner engineer. They cover a wide range of topics and share the tips which they find helpful in our every-day work.

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Richard Stibbard

Everything web development from Dr. Richard Stibbard.

Atomic Jolt

“At Atomic Jolt, we are constantly exploring the world of software development. These videos are part of our daily internal training to improve our skills and home in on important tools. But, we don’t want to keep this awesome knowledge all to ourselves. That’s why we created this channel – to provide edification for others as well.”

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Nick Codes

This channel focuses on creating a variety of videos of web development and web design tutorials to make you become an incredible developer. Nick is also very entertaining!

The Net Ninja

Front-end development and web design tutorials from The Net Ninja! Black-belt your Net Skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other front-end technologies.

I hate tomatoes

Front-end development channel full of web animation tutorials, deconstructions and tips for front end developers and web designers.  Managed by Petr Tichy – @ihatetomatoes.  Helping you to master front end web development, GreenSock, ScrollMagic, Skrollr, CSS3, HTML5, SVG, web animations and interactive front end development.

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Mike Locke

Mike is a highly innovative, passionate and successful senior UI/UX designer with high proficiencies in Visual UI Design, User Experience Design, Usability, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Research & Analytics, XHTML/CSS and Strategy & Planning. Recognized as a talented creative leader with a unique skill-set that spans various disciplines from web design to front end development. Phenomenal track record of designing and developing websites with extraordinary life spans. Seventeen-year background in understanding and developing leading brands into commercial successes in an entrepreneurial hi-tech environment. Highly effective written and verbal communicator with exceptional problem solving and brand development skills. Visionary leadership resulting in successful, innovative online properties and brands. This is his channel.


Want to learn about Web Design, WordPress And Freelance Training? Look no further, as these guys will help you to become better web designer! More than two million visitors cannot be wrong!

Adam Khoury

Learn to code and design like a professional with Adam for free. Master development technologies like JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, ActionScript and more.

Derek Banas

Derek Banas makes web design tutorials based on YOUR requests. He will cover any topic you can imagine and that’s a promise.

The New Boston

Tons of sweet computer related tutorials and some other awesome videos too!

tutvid is your source for the greatest Photoshop, Photography, & Video Editing tutorials on the web! Well, they think so at least. Grab your popcorn and stay awhile!  In addition to the graphic design tutorials, they occasionally create tech reviews and even videos about stuff that they hate.

Charli Marie

Charli is a 20-something half British, half kiwi designer living in London and making design, style and DIY videos as well as weekly vlogs.

Karen Kavett

Karen makes videos every Friday about graphic design, DIY and crafting projects, art school, and other artsy things! Want to hear about typography, color theory, Harry Potter, life, the universe, and everything? You’re at the right spot.

Howard Pinsky

High quality Adobe Photoshop training from Howard Pinsky on various subjects, such as text effects, photo composition, photo retouching, the basics of photoshop, designing in photoshop, special effects, and more! No matter what type of lesson you’re looking to learn, you’ll find it here! Videos are uploaded on a weekly basis.

+1 Adam Rasheed

Are you looking to improve your design skills, learn how to code front-end using HTML and CSS, master the new industry standard for UI Design (Sketch), and even make money using your skills as a freelancer? Subscribe today and get useful web design tutorials every week!


What is your favorite web development and web design tutorials channel? Let us know in the comment sections.


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