Basic Coding and Designing: Essential Skills for Every Digital Project Manager

Basic Coding and Designing: Essential Skills for Every Digital Project Manager

Being a digital project manager is a challenging job in itself. However, it can be even more difficult when you don’t have the essential skills that will help you get ahead and maintain your place in this industry’s competitive world. If you are a digital project manager or just looking to become one, this expert guide will give you pro tips on the must have skills you should look into learning in order to make yourself a powerful digital project manager. Let’s take a look at what they are now:

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CSS and HTML is the language of the internet. Everything that’s online has something to do with CSS and HTML in some shape and form. Having the ability to edit or write HTML is beneficial to help not only streamline projects more effectively, but to help developers and designers who may require additional help finishing demanding projects. Simple knowledge in HTML and CSS will go a long way for you to help your developers down the track.

  1. SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a crucial element in any website design and development. Proper implementation of SEO can help to increase a website’s ranking on popular search engines greatly. The more optimized a website is for SEO the better chances of reaching the first page of Google you’ll have. Having knowledge in SEO is great to have when in the middle of managing the creation or the redesign of a website.

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  1. Editing and Content Writing Skills

SEO and content go hand in hand. Without any content on a website, the website won’t be search engine optimized, won’t rank well, and won’t give your visitors any indication what the website is about. Having the skills to write and edit content can make you an invaluable and versatile team member. When tight content deadlines are approaching, it’s good to have additional skilled individuals to help out the rest of the team.

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  1. Photo Editing Skills

Having the ability to edit photos ready for website or blog use is crucial to help complete the whole process. The best part is with some of the easy to use editors that are online, you can easily resize, crop or tweak colors effortless for more productivity on a project.

  1. Negotiation Skills

In any business, you must have some negotiating skills in order to streamline the process. This is the same when you become a digital project manager. Negotiation skills are required to setup deadlines, manage clients, and to negotiate rates with future clients. Having this skill added to your list can really improve your overall ability as a digital project manager.

  1. Communicating And Managing Developers

Having optimal communication and management skills is important for project managers to communicate effectively to developers. In communicating and managing your developers more thoroughly, you have a better chance of implementing programs such as DebugMe which can help make your website design process more streamline.

  1. Positive Attitude

While it may not seem like a skill, having a positive attitude while being the digital project management leader is crucial to not only get everything done, but to also keep everyone positive during heavy and demanding deadlines. Maintaining a positive attitude, even when things look impossible, is a great skills and trait to have for you and your digital project management team.

  1. Social Media Knowledge

Social media platforms are diverse when it comes to publishing and interacting with your visitors and customers. Having the skills and knowledge on how social media platforms work is a crucial step to promoting, building and maintaining a social presence.

  1. Organization Skills

Many people downplay how important organizational skills are in a highly demanding environment. As a digital project manager, being organized can help to keep the job running efficiently and on time. Those who aren’t organized in their work environment, run the risk of falling behind, missing deadlines, and not keeping up with what their team is doing. This is why organizational skills are so important for any digital project management job.

  1. Knowledge Of Modern and Upcoming Technologies

As the year’s progress so do technologies. Keeping up to date and learning new technology platforms is essential to creating more productivity, profits and time saving for you, your company and your team. From SaaS to API platforms, you should have knowledge on them all to get the most out of any new digital project management technology as they arise.


When it comes to digital project management, it’s important to be skilled in all areas to be an all-round digital project manager. Are you missing any of these vital skills?


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