Improve Your Website’s UX

Improve Your Website’s UX

User experience design plays an important role in determining how the customers see your brand. If your website is slow and sloppy, your possible clients are going to see your brand in a similar manner. On the other hand, if the website is fast and easy to use, your brand will make a positive impact on the minds of the clients. Thus, being the website owner, you need to put a lot of thinking while designing the websites’ UX. As your website has got the potential of being your most powerful asset, it additionally acts as a 24*7 salesman to promote your brand day in and day out. It is all about providing a great user experience, so we gathered some key points to do the job properly.

improve your website's ux

Improve Your Website’s UX Right Now


Being mobile friendly is the need of the hour as users now prefer to go the mobile way while browsing the websites. As users are liking this approach, creating mobile-friendly websites is the only option left with the website owners. Thus, keep this very point in the mind while designing your websites. As soon as you are done with the creation of the website, do not forget to check it with web design testing and feedback tools such as DebugMe.

White Space

Considerable white space on your website makes it feel open and fresh. Such a space on your website also gives enough room to the users’ eyes to settle down easily and presents a great example of innovative web design trends over the website. As white space ensures that the content of the website has not been cluttered, it helps to offer good user experience to the visitors coming across your website.

Page Loading Time

Visitors do not wish to browse through a website that takes a considerable time to load. It has been researched that nearly 40% of the users will not continue on a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Furthermore, purchasers who haven’t had a great experience are not going to make a repeat purchase. Consider your page loading time while designing the website.

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Catch Your 404s

404 pages are sure to hamper the online reputation of your website. The users browse through websites in order to accomplish a related search and in case they do not find results for their related searches, they are sure to leave the website and never come back again. This will ultimately result in a bad user experience, so catching your 404 error pages is a must do a thing.

Use Attractive CTA Buttons

Being one among the innovative web design trends, CTA (Call-to-Action) is a chance for users to react on the services that have been showcased on a website. Using attractive CTA buttons will allure visitors to click and try the services at least once. Attractive CTAs are again going to offer a unique experience to the visitors, which adds to the overall UX of the website. Remember, visual clues are always effective when it comes to attracting clients.

Add Some Color

Color matters the most when it is about making your website a vibrant one. Colors do evoke different messages and thus, what kind of message you wish to send to your visitors depends on the choice of the colors you feature on the site. Keep in mind to design your CTA buttons in soothing colors that can attract the users. Making the CTA button action-oriented will help in making the better connection with readers.

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Highlight Your Customer Testimonials

Testimonials come directly from the clients who have actually taken the services and then written a review about your product or service. Testimonials actually work to build the brand’s loyalty among the clients and thus, it is an effective way of gaining more and more conversions to the website. It is an assurance for the new prospects to do business with a new brand.

Motion and Animation

Motion and animation add great value to UX and can provide a memorable (sometimes even shareable in its own right) experience. Motion and animation are best to use to attract users towards the Call-to-Action. Animation can also be used for displaying notifications.

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With the advent of new and exceptional web design trends, users are expecting innovative and user-friendly interfaces on your websites. The task can get easier by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind while creating or redesigning your website.

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Tom Hardy has gained much experience while working as a web developer at Sparx IT Solutions. From time to time he loves to share his experiences and findings with a broader audience.


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  1. Liked all of your points that help to improve user experience. but you forget to mention a very important field that is registration or authentication field. Simple and quick way to authenticate into website attracts more users. Single sign on is a technique that boost up user’s authentication by allowing them to login into multiple applications of same business by using only single ID credential. Give it a try!

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