8 Foolproof Ways to Increase Creativity and Boost Productivity

8 Foolproof Ways to Increase Creativity and Boost Productivity

Being really creative and super productive all the time is impossible. Even being creative at times when others expect it from you can be a tall order. However there are a lot of things you can try out to boost your creativity or just develop your creative brain. Relax, clear your mind and give chance to at least some of the following methods we collected for you to increase creativity.

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Just write and do it by hand

Write down everything what comes to your mind but do it the old school way. Writing by hand is just a whole different experience. Something we tend to forget nowadays. Feel the ink or the smell of the fresh paper while you write down the next big idea and your creativity is already getting a boost! Writing with a pencil works the best for me.

Listen to that sick beat

Music is creativity. Start to listen to your favorite motivational and make-me-feel-happy songs to come up with a new way of solving your task. You might want to give a chance of something classical. I personally recommend Mozart or Beethoven.

Ask for an outsider opinion

Sometimes our mind is trapping us and our creativity is a prisoner too in the next cell. It could happen that we are simply unable to think outside of the box because we cannot get rid of one of our previous ideas. Someone with a fresh look at the problem could push us further when we needed that the most. Don’t be shy, ask for someone’s opinion who didn’t worked on the project until that point.

Do something that makes you happy

Watch a video full of puppies or kittens. Listen to a laughing baby for two minutes. Eat a donut. Whatever you want, just do it. The whole world will look brighter after your little happiness break. I usually watch beautiful videos about countries I am planning to visit.

Use the tools, Luke!

No matter what you are doing, use the right tools to keep you in the flow and boost your productivity. Are you a developer in the middle of bug fixing? A designer awaiting your client’s response on the latest version of their company logo? Make sure you receive feedback via DebugMe.

Go outside and excersize

Hit the gym or just go for a quick run around your office building. When you are physically active your brain will switch off a little and you will think more freely letting you come up with a possible new solution for whatever problem you are having at the moment. Excersize regularly and increase your creative capacity day by day. Push-ups are working the best for me.

Power nap

Sleeping is everything. All the pros are saying that an ideal power nap is between 10 and 20 minutes and the best time to do it is during the afternoon, let’s say somewhere 2pm – 4pm. Eat, sleep, be creative. Repeat.

Play something

Angry Birds 2 on your phone, a FIFA 16 tournament with your colleagues or just a crossword puzzle. Have fun, take a break, move further from the project you are working on and increase creativity at the same time. Do you remember Flappy Bird? I play that for five minutes after lunch break and I am ready for the rest of the working afternoon 😀

Do you have a foolproof way to increase creativity? Write a comment!


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