Up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks & libraries to watch out for in 2016

Up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks & libraries to watch out for in 2016

After some general JavaScript tips for beginners, a 7-item master JavaScript edition and learning about getting started with AngularJS + Angular2 + ReactJS + NodeJS and a comparison of React vs Angular 2 in this blog post we are going to list four JavaScript frameworks and JavaScript libraries you should start getting familiar with as they could become huge this year.


Up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks: Vue.js

One of the simple yet powerful JavaScript libraries for building modern web interfaces. Vue.js provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API. It’s package ready (install via NPM or Bower), it’s fast (precise and efficient async batch DOM updates) and compact (~24kb min+gzip, no dependency). Personal view, but from all the JavaScript libraries you should start getting familiar with this one the most.


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Up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks: Aurelia

Aurelia is a JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and web leveraging simple conventions and empowering creativity: “With its strong focus on developer experience, Aurelia can enable you to not only create amazing applications, but also enjoy the process”. Use Aurelia and create next generation JavaScript apps today.

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Up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks: Mithril

Couple of years ago Mithril was only a precious silvery metal, very lightweight but capable of providing extreme strength in alloys, which was mined by the Dwarves in the deep mines of Khazad-dûm. Well, not anymore. Mithril is also a client-side MVC framework – a tool to organize code in a way that is easy to think about and to maintain. Learn it and build brilliant applications with this JavaScript framework.

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Up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks: Ampersand

Imagine a version of Backbone.js where each piece (model, view, collection, etc) is its own GitHub repository and npm module with good, unified documentation (and yes, npm is wonderful for frontend code). Ampersand is a highly modular, loosely coupled, non-frameworky framework for building advanced JavaScript apps.

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Up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks: Cycle.js

One of the functional and reactive JavaScript frameworks for cleaner code. It is a JavaScript framework with very few concepts to learn. Most of its building blocks are just JavaScript functions. Usually the lack of “magic” leads to very verbose code, but since RxJS Observables are able to build complex dataflows with a few operations, you will come to see how apps in Cycle.js are small and readable.


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