Are you using JIRA project management? These tips will help you get the best out of the tool

Are you using JIRA project management? These tips will help you get the best out of the tool

JIRA is a great project and issue and tracking tool for software teams to keep ahead of their busy roadmaps. Across the years with new advancements in technology, project management and other areas of time management, JIRA has become a powerhouse for many digital project manager to keep a track of their overall projects and team members. If you’re using JIRA project management for your business, and you want to get the most out of it, the following is a guide for you.

Getting The Most Out Of JIRA Project Management

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Keep It Simple

Many users want to have a status for each section of their workflow. While it can be a good thing, it also leads to more complexity and transitions. Instead try to aim for more scalability simplicity. As an administrator or team member it’s important to keep the workflow simple for your fellow team members, otherwise you may find projects will get left behind in all the confusion, or deadlines will be missed. This will not only look bad, but will put your team back greatly, especially when trying to tackle large projects in a very short amount of time. Always check each workflow and think to yourself whether you can make it more simple and easy to understand for all your team members for added convenience and versatility.

Gather All Team Members

Making an efficient working environment using JIRA project management relies on the team that you build. When setting up a new project, the team should be picked especially for their skill set and how they have conducted in other projects. There’s no point adding multiple team members to the one project if they aren’t needed. Remember that you are trying to build a workflow that’s caters for a specific area of your business. Don’t be afraid to talk with each team member about the different areas and what you expect. Feedback can go a long way into finishing a project on time.

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Make All Transitions Count

  • Conditions – Conditions control which team member can perform transitions. Add conditions to select people who you want to complete certain goals.
  • Validators – Validators are designed to allow completion of a transition on when it meets a set criteria. If any issues don’t specifically meet the criteria of the validator, the transition will be aborted.
  • Post Functions – Post functions allow for additional actions to be performed on selected issues. Commonly the post function clears the resolution when transitions are issues back to an unresolved state.
  • Assignees – With the occurrence of transitions, it means any issues have a new owner. Assignee’s can be automatically changed using the post function.
  • Properties – Some properties on transitions are recognized by the JIRA project management software. One property is limiting resolutions which are displayed on a transition given to a user.

Make The Work Diagram Professional

Upon building a workflow, it’s important to use the workflow designer to make sure the diagram is created up to presentation quality. When you’ve completed the workflow share it without your other team members for any additional feedback. JIRA project management allows you to enable a workflow option to show current workflow issues which may arise. This allows you to get on top of problems when they occur. All users that the workflow is shared with can easily click on the View Workflow section.

Divide Tasks Accordingly

It’s advised to divide the tasks into concrete sub-tasks which feature concrete estimates. This allows you to have a solid foundation on where your team can start and allows them to easily address each section of the workflow easier. Another option you can do is create a high-level of abstract issues of a big task that will be worked on, and place initial estimates in it so you already have a guideline to work from. This allows for your team to complete the tasks more efficiently.


The JIRA project management software is a powerhouse program which can bring your software team together in a friendly and more efficient working environment. JIRA is a great software program which has the ability to enhance the productivity of any team. By using some of these tips and tricks you can easily get the most out of your projects and out of JIRA to make sure all of your deadlines are met with ease. With new advancements always changing in JIRA you will gain the best team and project management software for your business needs.

So, are you using the JIRA project management software? Did these tips help speed up your team productivity?


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