Learn JavaScript Series: The 3 best ways to learn Angular 2: A book, a video and a course

Learn JavaScript Series: The 3 best ways to learn Angular 2: A book, a video and a course

Learn Angular 2 you should. In our last similar post we shared some resources about getting to know AngularJS. This time we are moving forward and offering you a three-item list to start learning Angular 2. A lot of things changed and they are pretty exciting.


ng-book 2

Let’s start here. You know ng-book, right? Well the guys just repeated their fine work. Learn about Angular 2 and how to build websites with it easily with this book. Angular 2 makes it incredibly easy to build modern websites. As they are saying this is the “In-depth, complete, and up-to-date book on Angular 2. Become an Angular 2 expert today”

They also making a bold promise: “You will learn what you need to know to work professionally with ng-book: The Complete Book on Angular 2 or get your money back”

Are you a front-end developer or a web designer?  This tool will make your workflow a lot easier and your job simpler

Angular 2 Overview – ToDo Application in 20 minutes (HD)

Ajden Towfeek spent a couple of hours familiarizing himself with Angular2 for a Pluralsight audition. Later he thought why not do a screencast about it? It’s a very educational video with clear and concise examples. A great resource to learn about Angular2.

The usual suspect – Learn Angular 2 with Egghead.io

Start learning the basics and the “Angular 2 Way” of building applications by this course from Egghead.io.

In Angular 2, the component is the core primitive building block of your application. With the help of his series of lessons you will dive into components, and learn how they are assembled in Angular 2.

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