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Become Your Developers Best Friend by Sending Them A Perfect Bug Report

Become Your Developers Best Friend by Sending Them A Perfect Bug Report

Developers understand that their work won’t be perfect on the first try. It may initially compile, but there will always be bugs. As a user or a tester it is important that your bug reports are clear, concise, and informative. A perfect bug report is able to effectively tell the developer where, what, and how, so they can address it in a timely manner.

perfect bug reports

Here are some key points to writing the perfect bug report

1. Descriptive Title

This is the first thing seen by the developer. You want this to put the entire problem into context. Something like “The calendar doesn’t respond to home page navigation.”

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2. Concise Description

You want them to know exactly what happens and be able to walk your soon-to-be best friend through the steps to re-create the problem. E.g. – “When clicking “calendar” on main menu of the “about” page, the calendar pops up. And when you navigate back to the “home page” with the top left icon, the calendar stays on the screen after you navigate, obstructing the view of the “home” page”. You want this to be under 140 characters to put the size and briefness into perspective.

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3. What you expected to happen from the action

E.g. – “When I click on the home page icon while the calendar is up I expect the calendar to close as I navigate to the home page”

4. What actually happened

E.g. – “The calendar stays up even after the site navigates to the home page and it obstructs the page”

5. What version of the software and what system are you using

Maybe they could be working on a new version that fixed that bug or they didn’t write it to be completely compatible with your system. Checking the smaller details like these are essential for saving time thinking about what could be a small issue.

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