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How to Hack an Event Like the Web Summit? Our Thoughts and First Hand Experiences

How to Hack an Event Like the Web Summit? Our Thoughts and First Hand Experiences

A sincere blog post from our CEO.

DebugMe has been attending the Web Summit this year and it has been the first truly big event we attended – Web Summit had about 42.000 visitors this year and hundreds of start-ups.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

The event had flashy photos, videos from previous years designed to impress  – but hey, we are talking about a marketing / sales / business development conference! So I didn’t really know what to expect. I was attending the Adobe Marketing Summit in 2014 which had over 6000 attendees, so this was my only comparison.

I must say that Web Summit exceeded all my expectation in terms of size. The event location was huge, and crowded all the time. Immense centre stage, well thought out distribution of startups organised around topics (Big Data, IOT, HR, Software, etc.)

sweb summit 2015

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Bug Reporting and Handling a Bug Report the DebugMe Way

Bug Reporting and Handling a Bug Report the DebugMe Way

The bug reporting process is usually long, painful and unpleasant for everyone involved, where it’s a lot of times difficult to even define and find the exact problem. Businessmen and simple end users not always speaking the same language as the developers and because of that people are sending more angrier and angrier emails back and forth… the whole thing can be just a terrible experience. Wouldn’t it be great if a bug report would be easy to create and clear to look at while having every piece of relevant information? We have good news for you.

Bug Reporting 101

What is a bug report? Well, a good and easily understandable bug report must contain all the information the developers need in order to identify and fix the problem or problems the report is about. If you want to achieve that in an efficient and headache-free way the bug reporting must be as simple and straightforward as it’s possible. Essentially you have to create a user-friendly bug report.

Gather All the Information You Need, but Only What You REALLY Need

Just search for “bug report” in Google’s image search and after a few seconds of looking at the results close the tab as fast as you can. For those who don’t want to participate in this experiment you’ll see pictures similar to this:

bug reporting

No one wants to deal with a bug report like this. No one wants to deal with “endless chain of emails and screenshots” type of bug reports or bug reports you only heard about over the phone, etc. DebugMe offers a better way: a bug report with all the useful information by one click and a work process in a beautiful kanban system with everything you need to know, visualized. It does sound appealing, doesn’t it?

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