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Enhancing content with JavaScript

Enhancing content with JavaScript

There’s a million ways to make content look good. Ideally, it’ll be able to shine because it’s well-written, witty and interesting…but we all know that’s not always the case. Or even all that often. So instead, it needs a little help with grabbing the customer’s or visitor’s attention.

Fortunately for the clients, web designers tend to be good at that. Fancy colours, layouts and graphics – they all work, but they have one ‘flaw’ – they are static. Good for a solid foundation, static websites will only get you so far. Users are used to motion, animation and effects on the web by now, and have come to expect it in some regards.

Lucky you, because employing them is easier than you might think. While you can, of course, do simple animations with key frames and CSS (which depending on the size and impact of your project can be the perfect solution!), but if you want to go the extra mile towards something really special, you need something else.

Something you probably already have, and know well. JavaScript.

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