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Agile Testing: Do You Still Need QA?

Agile Testing: Do You Still Need QA?

The overall software development panorama is changing, and these changes involve mostly a shift in previously blindly accepted paradigms and role delimitation. Today, the development of websites and apps has turned into a user-responsive framework recently called Shift Left, giving way to the establishment of cross-functional teams made up of members that specialize in different fields (code, design, architecture, script, testing) but that are exhorted to work interdependently and in a collaborative way with every other member and department.

The agile testing methodology has made a very important milestone in the software development field, and it deserves to be called a pioneer in this Shift Left approach to software. This new paradigm focuses strongly on making sure that quality-related activities take place early in the software development life cycle, meaning that agile testing begins as early as possible in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

The waterfall paradigm is now obsolete, as many developing teams are turning to methodologies like agile testing to build up better software. Some say “yes!” while some others say “no” and prefer to stay with traditional models. But agile is an undeniably a major change and a catalyzer in the world of software development.

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