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Layout Design of Web Pages

Layout Design of Web Pages

Any web designer will agree that the appearance of a website layout design can be as important as the content, and just like good (or bad) content, it can make or break a website. The best content will appear mediocre at best when the presentation is lacking.

And when it comes to presentation, there are several layers to it. There’s the resources a designer has to work with for one. Graphics, audio, fonts…  they all feature into a great finished product, and their quality can make a huge difference. However, before you need to decide WHAT to put, you need to figure out WHERE to put it.

In other words, layout designing. How to set up the basic layout design of the page is one of the most important aspects to designing a site. Now, the client may well have specific wishes that they don’t want to deviate from, but more often than not, they’ll pay more attention to images, videos and the like, and less to the actual page layout design. There is a certain ‘standard’ of what is currently considered trendy, and the go-to layout.

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