6 Ways Technology Has Changed Project Management Forever

6 Ways Technology Has Changed Project Management Forever

Technology advancements have impacted the world greatly over the years, and in the field of project management, they have redefined the ways teams work, generate results and use information. Across the world many businesses rely on new project management systems and techniques such as the agile method to enhance the overall productivity of the team and to keep everything running to meet strict deadlines. The Agile method is a different way of managing IT projects and development teams, and works on four values that enhance project management. These values include:

  • Responding to change over following a plan
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

The Agile method has become increasingly popular over the years with many project management teams are taking it up to a new level.

technology has changed project management

Kanban is another management system which is used to improve project management. Kanban allows you to harness the power of visual information by using essentially a whiteboard and sticky notes to create a picture of your work. This system gives team members the ability to see the progress of the project and allows each team member to communicate together efficiently. In a sense Kanban turns words into visual notes. Kanban along with other programs have paved the way in bringing change to a business world. The following are the top 6 ways technology has changed project management for the better.

Ways Technology Has Changed Project Management

Improved Communication

The increase in technology advancements has allowed teams to communicate faster and in a much easier way. This promotes more flexibility for business owners and team members to be able to improve the projects operations and productivity. With the increase in communication, project orientation companies have a more effective method of making their projects precise and to the point. Instead of phones and the post, companies have higher access to teleconferences, Skype, Slack and other types of communication platforms. With instant messaging, teams can collaborate in a more productive way.

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Saving Money And Reducing Finishing Time

With the ease of sending things via wireless means, technology advancements in project management has allowed for many businesses to save money while reducing the time it take to finish a project. Costs are also saved because less people can be used to do the one job. This allows businesses to place more energy, money and time into more upcoming projects which can be finished in a short time as well. Programs such as DebugMe and other front-end testing solutions are also helping web development teams to save time within any digital project management setup to ensure the project is kept on schedule.

Sharing and Storing Information

With advancements in technology, it is possible to transmit and store information in so many easy ways. Remotely working teams of a project can now gain access to all important information quickly and efficiently to continue the project without any delay. Back in the years gone by, paper files, reports and information were all posted or placed in large filing cabinets. When a person needed the information, they would have to manually receive it or find it. These days everything can be stored in the cloud, sent online through email, project management systems, or through messaging apps.

Using Your Own Devices

Another advantage to technology advancements is that team members have the option of using the devices they prefer or need to complete a project. With so many different devices to choose from, from mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPads and more, team members have the ability to work on a project using devices they own without having to purchase or use a specific device to finish a project. While using selected devices there are a few things that you need to consider:

  • Using mobile devices and those that don’t have security or surveillance software integrated may be more susceptible for hackers or viruses to infiltrate.
  • Train your employees about the dangers if their device goes missing or is used by the wrong people.
  • If giving out devices for everyone to use make sure you have strict guidelines for them to follow.

Security And Safety

Due to the increase in technology, the increase in security solutions has also been favourable across the years. These day’s it’s even easier to protect your work, project and other important information from being misused or fall in the wrong hands. In the business world, cyber threats are even more threatening these days. This is why security is paramount. These days, large corporations are using the latest security precautions to ensure important information is protected at all times. Project management teams are finding it much safer to use the internet more now than ever.

Paperless Operation

With the use of the internet and other means, paper has almost become obsolete in the business project management world. With everything being stored and shared through the cloud, on computers and other devices, there’s isn’t as high of demand for paper any more. This is good for the environment in a number of ways as more and more people rely on digital files instead of paper files.


With new advancements in technology still being developed it is no wonder project management has changed for the better. With so many different project management systems available online, you can easily bring your business team together to work efficiently all the time. So is your team working better?


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