Top AngularJS Frameworks Simplifying Web App Development

Top AngularJS Frameworks Simplifying Web App Development


Out of the hundreds of frameworks, AngularJS is speculated to have secured a top-notch position being the most popular open-source web framework that simplifies the development of various web applications. New-age developers are well-versed with the functions of the AngularJS framework and thus, keep on utilizing it for developing some unique web applications every now and then. Further, to simplify their tasks of application development, these developers have introduced various front-end frameworks that support AngularJS to create advanced and unique web applications.

Here is the list of some commonly used and popular Angular JS frameworks helpful in web app development.

Top AngularJS Frameworks


Ionic is a robust front-end AngularJS framework that helps in the development of varied mobile and web applications. This advanced framework is specially optimized with the directives of AngularJS to support the development of HTML5 and CSS3 powered applications, proffering rich user-interface. This powerful framework offers software development kit (SDK) along with some UI components at no extra cost. Such components help in building interactive cum hybrid applications for touch-sensitive devices.

update: As of February 1, 2018, Iconic will no longer provide Push and Auth services. Anyone with an existing Cloud account can continue using Push and Auth through January 2018.

Iconic Angular JS framework


Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is a widely used framework that is used for designing HTML5-powered mobile applications. This AngularJS and Bootstrap optimized framework proffers an extensive support to libraries such as fastclick.js and overthrow.js. Apart from this, it offers various mobile components like switches, navigation buttons, sidebars, etc. With the help of this framework, you can easily transform web applications into mobile-friendly applications with enhanced responsive user-interface.

update (09-2017): the last GitHub commit of the Mobile Angular UI was over a year ago, in Sept 2016. To date, it has close to 3.000 star ratings. 

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Suave UI

Suave UI is one of the widely used UI frameworks, which is meticulously built for web applications based on AngularJS. Moreover, the definite composition of CSS directives in this framework helps in building an enhanced user interface. This popular front-end framework offers a variety of features like a grid, form elements, colored buttons, etc.

update (09-2017): the last commit on GitHub was made in Jan 2015


Using this dynamic framework, you can easily create hybrid mobile applications with the high-end interactive interface. Supersonic gets easily integrated with multiple REST API, thus simplifying data interaction in the backend. If you are looking forward to creating API-powered applications for iOS and Android mobile devices, then your search ends here.

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Supersonic AngularJS framework for mobile apps


Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap is built on a powerful front-end framework known as Bootstrap. This framework comprises native Angular JS directives that are based on Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS elements. Also, this robust framework proffers a variety of Bootstrap directives like the carousel, dropdown, buttons, data picker, etc.

Angular UI bootstrap to date (09-2017) has over 14.000 star ratings on GitHub, making it several times more popular than the previously mentioned other Bootstrap based framework, Mobile Angular UI.

UI Bootstrap has over 14K stars on GitHub – making it a popular AngularJS framework


Mean.IO is a backronym for Mongo DB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js forming a full-stack JavaScript framework. Such a framework helps in creating powerful web applications consisting of pages with dynamic functions that are helpful in creating hybrid applications. And the site has a fun design, I think 🙂


update 09-2017: is not available anymore

It is a powerful Angular JS frameworks, it is finely built on Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD). Radian is for documenting and building high-end web applications integrated with advanced functions. This framework supports myriad files such as SAAS, JADE, CoffeeScript,etc.



Typically built on the guidelines of Google material design, this framework is meticulously optimized to work seamlessly with AngularJS. LumX is a device-agnostic front-end framework with SAAS integration that, along with Neat and Bourbon, is useful for creating feature-rich customizable application designs.

LumX has close to 2000 star ratings on GitHub (09-2017)

LumX framework
LumX is a front-end framework based on Google Material Design

Angular Foundation

Angular Foundation confers the features of an advanced front-end framework called Foundation which is widely known for its responsive functions. Along with such extensive features, this framework offers functional directives based on the HTML and CSS markups of Foundation. A few of the components are alert, trigger, pagination, accordion, popover, and much more.


In the end, being a developer, you are left with a wide number of options to choose the best open source UI frameworks based on AngularJS. However, it should be kept in mind that features, functionalities, and UI components offered by each of the above-mentioned frameworks are different. So it all depends on how wisely you pick an AngularJS-based framework that suits your business objectives.


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