How To Get The Most Out Of Task Management Systems? Using Trello as a Small Team

How To Get The Most Out Of Task Management Systems? Using Trello as a Small Team

Do you run an online business? Need to collaborate with your team more efficiently? Task management systems when used correctly can prove to be a vital component within your business to help keep on top of all the projects that need to be completed. Trello is one of such online task management systems which can be utilized to keep work flows constant and up-to-date with easy assignment of projects for each team member. Although, like any other task management systems, it can get confusing when too many projects are managed and assigned, so how do you get the most out of Trello for your business? The following is a simple guide on the best ways to make Trello work for you, especially when you are using it together with the front-end development tool, DebugMe.

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Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

With the complexity of Trello’s task management system, team members can sometimes become lost in where they have to go to find what they’re looking for. This is why it’s important to learn the keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are designed to minimize menu and website navigation which can take up valuable time. For a full list of Trello keyboard shortcuts, click here.

Use Card Views More Often

Trello’s card view is designed to bring up all projects which have been assigned to you in a clear and simple manner. The card view brings up all the different cards from across all work boards and pulls them together on the one screen. This is beneficial for those who need a quick glance at their assigned projects. It’s important to understand though, card view will only work if you’re assigned the cards to yourself.

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Add Yourself As A Member On Projects

Adding yourself as a member to the tasks you’re associated with is the perfect way of keeping track of their progress. Without becoming a member of the task, you may miss out on important information, updates, or vital aspects that require immediate attention.

Double Click To Add List

You can open the ‘add list’ popover by double clicking on any free space across the board. This task management system is smart enough to recognize that you’ve clicked between ‘doing’ and ‘done’ and will automatically default to the designated location. This saves you time in moving your mouse from one location to another.

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Paste, Drop and Drag Attachments

Unlike many other task management systems, Trello allows users to paste, drop and drag attachments as they please for faster operation. For example, you can drag and drop files from the desktop to the card for easy uploading without having to go through the prompts every time. Trello also allows you to copy and paste or drag images from websites into cards making it easier to collect the items needed for your projects.

Utilize Google Drive and Dropbox Integration

The Trello task management system is also compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. This integration allows you to upload selected files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox without dragging or shuffling. This provides instant file sharing with other team members and helps to save time overall.

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Utilize Desktop Notifications

The desktop notification feature on Trello is ideal for those who need to keep up-to-date with their assigned tasks across the day. By using Chrome or Safari, you can keep Trello open throughout the day and receive instant notifications when new changes have been made. This is beneficial for all users as it allows you to complete other tasks without having to check Trello constantly throughout the day. To setup this feature simple click the ‘notification’ button in the header before selecting ‘Allow Desktop Notifications’ from the menu.

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Use @ Mentions To Directly Notify Certain Team Members

To help make your Trello experience run smoothly, you can contact certain team members directly using @ mentions. @ mentions allows you to get a team members’ attention by simply writing @ and their name. Example: @Cindy or @David. This will generate a notification that will pop up on their end. This feature features autocorrect and will suggest names as you begin to type each name down.

Assign Label Colors Accordingly

Colored labels can be used to attach to any card. These labels are designed to show up at the top of the card. Each colored label allows you to add a short textual description to each one. To utilize these more effectively, you can color code what each colored label means. For example:

  • Red: Blocked (Can’t finish project until addressed).
  • Orange: Need Fixing (Something in the project needs changing).
  • Blue: Reference (Data which may be needed in future projects).

Using color coding for each label will help to distinguish important or urgent jobs from semi-urgent projects.

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Trello, when used correctly will provide a valuable and time saving solution for businesses or digital project managers looking to have their projects run smoothly. Trello allows each team member to easily see their assigned projects and operate their tasks accordingly until completion. By utilizing the above tips and tricks plus adding DebugMe to the mix you can easily get the most out of the Trello task management system. So is your business productivity increased since using Trello?


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