How to get a career in web design: 12 pro tips

How to get a career in web design: 12 pro tips

It’s a tough world for graphic designers. No, we do not mean to frighten you, but it’s true. With daily changing design trends, millions of websites and increasing user demands the market is really tough. But that does not mean everything is gloomy. With right strategy and effort, one can grab an exciting job opportunity in the field of graphic designing. Let’s see 12 tips that will surely increase your chance of grabbing graphic designer job.

1. Build a stunning portfolio: As a designer having an online portfolio is a must where your recruiter can easily see your creativity, skill, work, etc. Make sure that you have a uniquely designed portfolio where you have shown skills, strengths, the project you have done, etc.

2. Work as a freelancer: Freelancer as a career is a hot piece of cake in designing community. Not only you get to be your own boss, but also there is virtually no limit on how much you can earn. It all depends on your skill set, your ability to communicate with clients and the effort you put in.

For starting you might not be getting big projects so you should take small projects and gain reputation. After that work would keep coming. You can register on many freelancing and crowdsourcing site like Designhill, freelancer, etc. and get projects from there.

3. Connect with people from your field: Networking is one of the most beneficial things to do for a professional. Whether it’s an offline or online networking event, make sure to attend it and communicate to as many people as possible. Not only would you be meeting your potential recruiter, but also the experience, knowledge one gets can not be gained anywhere else.

4. Take part in Hackathons: Hackathons are not only a great way to test your competency against your competitors, but it is also a great way to come into notice of potential recruiters. Many a time recruiters directly hire winners of a hackathon for their company and not to mention that it would be a shiny medal on your resume.

5. Work on open source project: Open source projects are a great way to work in a team and make a contribution to a project that would be helpful to thousands if not millions. It would also serve as a great networking opportunity as you would be working alongside other designers and obviously lead to the strengthening of your skills.

6. Give your service for charity:  It feels good to do a charity work, isn’t it? You may offer to design the website of a church or old age home for free. This can be a remarkable thing that you can show in your portfolio and let viewers know that you believe in giving back to the society through your working.

7. Work as an Intern: Many designers get a permanent offer from the company where they work as an intern. The recommendation we would give is to carefully select the company in which you are applying for work so that you get good exposure and learning experience.

8. Learn new trends:  With the web design world coming up with new trends and technology on regular basis, it’s important that you keep yourself updated on these. Subscribe to a design related blog, get an online tutorial, etc. to increase your knowledge base.

9. Update your Resume:  Although your recruiter would see your portfolio it’s essential to maintain a resume as most of hiring company would ask for it. Along with your educational details and skills also try to mention some other sphere you might be interested in like making educational video, creating custom website design, etc.

10. Mention codes on Github: Almost every company wants that it’s employee knows how to use Github- the industry standard of version control. Create a github account, try making regular updates and keep your code easy and understandable for others.

11. Apply for Jobs: To get a job you must apply for it first. You can create account on various job listing site and apply for relevant job there. Make sure to fill all important information to land a good interview call.

12. Go for the Interviews: At times you might not be completely prepared for an interview. That’s Ok, everyone has faced this situation. Go for the interview and even if it’s bad, you would learn something new. The experience gained would definitely help you in future interviews.

These are the 12 important tips we think can land you a good designing job. Do you have any more tips? Share your thoughts.

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