5 Web Design Misconceptions you need to be aware of in 2017

5 Web Design Misconceptions you need to be aware of in 2017

The only thing that is constant in web design world is – Change. The trends of yesterday would not be a trend today. As such any website is designed keeping in mind that it can face the wrath of changing trends. A designer, therefore, needs to put a lot of creativity, hard work and research in order to design an amazing website. Given time, the designer would definitely design a website that can attract viewers attention.

But, the problem arises when people be it the client or the designer holds some misconception about the web design process. These misconceptions can adversely affect the design process and thus the desired result might not be achieved. Let’s take a look at few of these misconceptions-

  1. Customers are always right- There is no doubt in the fact that a client has the best knowledge of the product/service. Therefore, they would definitely know what elements should be there on the website, what are the things people most search for, etc. But, the problem is that they usually have zero to little knowledge of the design process. As such they might not know how and where a particular element should be represented in order to catch the eyes of the visitor. 
    Customer is always right
    “Customer is always right” Image – Customer Service Magazine.

    Most of the designers, at times, do not question client’s requirement. As such without taking into consideration the design elements they make a website that is hard for visitors to understand. What we would recommend is to listen to the demands and suggestions of the client, but at the same time put your perspective too. Chances are the client would agree to your design suggestion, if you present it properly.

  2. Whitespace is of no use- Whitespaces are the spaces that are left blank on a page in order to give the visitor a break from the content of the page. But, often in order to accumulate all the data on a single page, designers tend to ignore whitespaces. The problem that arises due to this is that there is too much of a data on a single page and it becomes hard for a visitor to find the data they came looking for. Not to mention that it becomes impossible for people on a mobile device to grasp the content. 
    missing white space
    Image Source: think360studio

    Therefore, we would recommend to place only relevant content on a page and then provide a link where people can find more about the same. Doing this would leave a lot of white space on your page which would give a soothing experience to the visitor. Also, whitespaces help a lot when making your site mobile optimised.

    Designers, at times, do not question client’s and make a website that is hard to understand... Click To Tweet

  3. Website design is quick and easy- One might have heard from agencies that ‘get your website designed in 3 days’. The problem with such designs is that they are taken from a readymade template and can never be fully customised as per your need. But, because of such marketing activities many people come to the conclusion that website design is an easy task. They ignore the fact that every website is made for a specific consumer base who has different interest, mindset, behavior, etc. Thus, the placement of images, buttons, text, etc. depends a lot on what your product is and who your customers are. 
    Image source- Website Design Edinburgh

    So, if one wants that their website stands out in the crowd then you need to give your designer time. While one may use tools like logo creator to get their logo design quickly, designing a page of a website is going to take time. Remember, building a masterpiece always take time.

  4. You need not worry once a website is live- People often tend to think that once the website is live they need not to do anything. Which is the biggest mistake as the real work starts only after one makes their website live. There would be buttons that go unnoticed by people, pages where bounce rate is very high, etc. One can also use heat map to find out the pages where people are most active and the pages where they are least active.These research would help you to make small tweaks necessary to increase user engagement and improve website user experience. Thus, web design is not a one-time thing but a continuous process.
  5. Bugs mean you are not a good designer- There is no question that a designer puts a lot of hard work and effort in a website design process. Days are spent to test the website design, design flow and the overall aspect of the designing. But, nothing in this world can be perfect and likewise your website too won’t be perfect. There would be bugs that might not get detected during the testing phase and gets detected once the website is live. But, getting a bug on a live website does not mean that you are a bad designer. Instead, you can think of it as a learning process and an error that you won’t do again.DebugMe tip: If you would like to catch & report front-end bugs, or user experience issues try our point & click visual feedback solution

So, these are 5 web design misconception people have. We would suggest you to avoid these misconceptions and rather focus on the website design process to get the best designed website of your industry. What do you guys think? Do comment below.

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