5 Web Design Trends You Will Continue To See In 2016

5 Web Design Trends You Will Continue To See In 2016

Are you re-designing your website? Want to keep it in trend with the coming year? Website design is similar to fashion in which it tends to change a bit each year. The design of a website is dictated by different technology developments throughout the year. As changes evolve in web platforms, so do trends in website design. In many cases these changes offer improvement for the website when done correctly, but can be damaging if not incorporated the right way. For those who are re-designing or creating a new website, the following is a guide to the top five web design trends you will continue to see in 2016 that you should still incorporate into your website design.

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5 Web Design Trends You Will Continue To See In 2016 #webdesign #designtrends Click To Tweet

Web Design Trends To Keep You On Top

Quirky Illustrations

2016 is the year for quirky illustrations to take hold and has been a great hit for many website companies. Although not for everyone, the quirkiness of these images give certain brands a personality and friendly edge which can’t be easily replicated by your competitors. Quirky images can be used by businesses which want to create a new twist on the traditional, ordinary and boring website design. They provide a unique insight to visitors which allows people to become more connected with your brand without them really knowing. If you’re not good at drawing, don’t worry, there are many freelancers or professional artists that you could call upon to help create the brand image and personality that you’re looking for.

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High Quality Static Images

If you’re not into quirky images, the use of high-quality static images as backgrounds has become a big trend recently. These high quality images can really enhance plain-looking websites, and provide an eye-catching marketing solution that can show visitors your brand, products or the story you’re trying to convey through a series of photos. When designing your company website, make sure the images match your brand. If you’re a health spa, the use of bright and colorful photos of the ocean, beach, or tropical fruits can help to enhance your brand. If you’re a business that sells bikes, high quality images of riders in the bush or on a dirt track can really connect with your target audience. Another tip to help invigorate your audience is by adding a superimposed text on the image which provides a short but sweet call to action for the visitors.

5 Web Design Trends You Will Continue To See In 2016 #webdesign #designtrends Click To Tweet

Bright, Bold, Beautiful Fonts

This is the year for bright, bold and beautiful fonts. This trend has become increasingly popular with many businesses, and has seen an increase in visitor reaction. Previously websites used plain, professional font styles, however to help intrigue and capture your target audience’s attention, the use of nontraditional, yet easy to read fonts can help to boost visitor interaction. When choosing your website’s font, make sure it fits in well with your brand, it’s clear and easy to read, and it’s colored accordingly to your brand’s appearance.

Minimalist, User-Orientated Design

You may have heard the saying “less is more”. This is true when it comes to designing your company website. Although you can have your website overloaded with graphics, texts, buttons, links, images etc, it’s not really needed. Visitors appreciate the ‘less is more’ factor. It’s important to remember that the more you input into your website, the longer it will take to load. That doesn’t mean you need to have a boring website, it just means you need to find a healthy balance. While previous trends meant filling your website as full as can be, nowadays is all about balancing out your website with a complementary appearance while not overloading visitors with too much information all at once.

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Mobile First Websites

With the ever-growing increase in mobile phone use, it’s no wonder many people are changing their website design’s priority to become more and more mobile friendly. Internet use by mobile phones is skyrocketing year after year. With this increase in phone use, it’s no wonder the mobile first website trend is staying for good. Many companies are now continuously changing their website to become more mobile friendly. This means that when someone clicks into your website via their mobile, your website will automatically adjust to the size of the screen for easy navigation and use by the phone user. Without becoming mobile ready, your website will stay the same size as seen on a computer screen and will make navigation difficult for the phone use. This can result in a loss of customers and potential clients as a majority of sales these days are done through mobile phones.

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Keeping up with your competitors doesn’t have to be hard. By following these top web design trends of 2016 you can easily make yourself a leader in your field and gain more website traffic. So are you looking to incorporate these trends into your website design?


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