Where Can Girls Learn to Code?

Where Can Girls Learn to Code?

Programming and coding isn’t just for the men in this world, women also have the chance and the right to learn to code as well if they want to. So where can girls learn to code online without having to take the time to visit their local university? This expert guide will give you the sites needed for where you can learn and master coding online and also some offline places in the US. Let’s get started.


Best Places For Girls To Learn To Code Online


Codecademy is one of the more popular places where you can learn to code in an interactive environment. Codeacademy offers a variety of well-structured courses through it’s easy to use interface. On the main page you get an idea of what you’re in for with its very motivating on-screen console. Different courses available for girls to try include jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Web Fundamentals, APIs, Ruby, and Python. You’ll receive easy to understand instructions and be able to learn the skills of coding quickly.

Code Avengers

Designed to help you love and enjoy coding, Code Avengers offers a number of courses which include CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML 5. Each course is setup to entertain you while learning before giving you the chance to interact with an online game after the study period has ended to help release any stress.

Code School

Code School is for the more advanced students who have gone through sites such as the ones above. This site helps to further advance your coding skills by giving your more in depth information through quality learning solutions. The courses that are on offer include iOS, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Ruby. In using Code School you’ll see impressive information screen casts and code challenges that may be a little hard for the beginner level.

Are you learning JavaScript or want to become a web developer? This front-end tool will be useful for you


Udacity offers insightful and knowledgeable video lectures which can be used to help any girl learn to code. You’ll also gain access to interactive quizzes for additional learning experience. This site is ideal for those who have trouble with their reading or prefer not to read. The instructors are industry veterans or real-life professors so you’re receiving the best learning opportunity when learning code without visiting a university.


CodeHS is a great coding site for problem solving lessons. It offers fun and simple programming lessons which involve JavaScript, data structures, animation, puzzle challenges, and game design. The best part of all about CodeHS is it keeps your mind alert and active. It continues to build your skills while also providing you with the motivation to continue to push forward with the learning side of things.


For novice programmers, treehouse is for you. Treehouse offers you with project orientated learning rather than language orientated learning so it’s perfect for website building. This site offers a number of different course options including website building courses which cover interactive, responsive, or WordPress theme sites in an efficient and practical way. Courses are generally divided within different modules and stages to make sure everything is simple when learning.

Scratch 2.0

Scratch 2.0 is ideal for the aspiring next generation programmer. This site is suitable for young girls to use along with adults to create, share and upload projects that they’ve completed. While it’s not so much about programming, it does offer a combination of visual command blocks that tell projects what each animation object needs to be doing. This one helps people solve problems in a logical way while improving their skills when interested in programming and coding.

Khan Academy

While not as structured as CodeHS courses, the Khan Academy courses provide novices and amateurs an open playground particularly when they’re interested in developing skills in animation, drawing or user interaction. The code patterns that Khan Academy uses can be applied anywhere with a majority of the languages being similar. You’ll receive tutorials to help you through the entire process while conducting and completing your lessons.

Best Places To Visit For Girls To Learn To Code In The USA

Geek Girl Camp

Geek Girl Camp hosts meet ups and conferences for women to connect them to the world of code learning. This camp is ideal for newbies and advanced coders who are interested in marketing and building their own apps and more. Geek Girl Camp is located in San Diego, CA 92106.

Hackbright Academy

The Hackbright Academy is a 10-week coding fellowship which is designed to teach women the skills of coding. Located in San Francisco CA, this academy can teach women the fundamentals of web development which include JavaScript, HTML along with the fundamentals of computer science. You’ll be introduced to some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies including Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Girls Who Code

Based in New York, Detroit, San Jose, and San Francisco, Girls Who Code aims to teach women all about computer science through interactive and fun learning programs. This organization has multiple learning programs available for the beginner to the more advanced coder and works with you so you learn code and computer science more effectively.

Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code is for those of color who want to learn more about computer science and programming. Holding workshops across the US and even in South Africa, this place enables for those of color to express their creativity while learning new and career changing skills.

Girls Develop It

Girls Develop It is a women empowerment organization that’s setup in 16 cities around the world.  Certified by the Board of Education, Girls Develop It provides women with affordable software development programs where women can learn the fundamentals of programming.


Coding isn’t just for men anymore, women can also get into the thick of things and enjoy what coding is all about. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve had some experience, it’s never too late to start. Do you want to learn code? Any of these interest you?


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4 thoughts on “Where Can Girls Learn to Code?

  1. Sexist post.. Why learning code for girls would be different from boys? Is Codeacademy’s experience different between boys and girls? I don’t think so..
    There are lots of girls better than most boys I know (see Sara Soueidan, Lea Verou etc.).. Girls don’t need girly sites to learn programming, they just need to love this job, like everyone else..

    You don’t have to be a girl to cook, there are lots of male cooks.. You don’t have to be a man to develope 🙂

    1. None of these sites are girly, and if you think that’s what the intention is you must’ve missed a central point of the article.. Not sure what you’re on about, but it’s a broad overview of sites anyone can use, the blog is just specific to girls, which is the author’s prerogative. Sit down.

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