Why React Native Makes You a Better Developer?

Why React Native Makes You a Better Developer?

Initiated as a tool to build cross-platform applications and transpired as one of the most potential open source technology frameworks, React Native mainly uses React.JS library and Javascript as the language. The major part of React Native’s fundamental operative function is based on APIs which are written in Javascript. If you want to make the best out of React Native Development ideology, it is very important to understand its core strengths first. Then you can overcome few of its limitations as well.

The React Native Strengths

A substantially stable framework in its latest versions. Early days shortcomings of React Native are so yesterday now. Its latest version has got enough competence to deliver robust performance as a savvy framework. An in-depth observation of the changelogs displaying all information about all the latest fixes and improvements can reveal the consistent efforts and capability of its community.

List of new features in React Native

Backed by efficient community and ecosystem

  • Huge numbers of developers are in love with React Native and they are keen for the next level of React Native app development possibilities. A lot of third-party plugins and frameworks are available that can help you in extending your application.
  • The adoption of React Native is really very quick and so as the growth of its community. In fact, the intellectual and solution-oriented efforts of communities have enabled the usage of React Native applications to be aligned with the Internet of Things (IoT) as well. There is a long way to go in this direction.

React Native has reasonable platform portability

  • There is more than sufficient resilience to handle porting process of apps between iOS and Android with optimum reusability of code; sometimes even with more than 80% to 90% reuse of the code.
  • iOS and Android have very divergent patterns and components. When you build a React Native App, you have the flexibility to allocate different application logic as well as design using Platform object. Of course, one needs good experience to deliver outstanding apps using React Native.
  • This is one of the prominent reasons why many companies have switched to React Native

list of companies using React Native

How to keep away from pitfalls

Strategically well-built foundation plays a significant role in keeping away the development, quality assurance and deployment struggles.
Dealing with debugging issues

  • One of the most frustrating parts of React Native Mobile App Development process is related to its debugging issues.
  • The primary phenomenon for React Native was ‘Write Once, Use Everywhere’ and it has been executed very successfully as well. Still, developers need to consider several JavaScript drawbacks and may have to deal with the idea of ‘Before Using Everywhere, Debug Everywhere’. Anyway, React Native team is proactively working over solution for the same. The more smartly you can handle such issues on your own, the more efficiently you can deliver the React Native Apps.
  • High-end quality of testing process on real devices will also help you make the things easy.

Testing on React Native


As a developer the most interesting part of the development process is to explore how we can make the best out of available technology resources by mapping the technology with the industry’s business requirements. Any professional React Native development company will keep a high focus on each strength and elimination of limitation of React Native before choosing the right technology for the particular project.

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