Free & Unknown WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Developer

Free & Unknown WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Developer

WordPress is known to be the leading content management system currently available. WordPress started as the most basic CMS for blogging and since it’s emerged as a great publishing tool for any website or web application.

There are many great WordPress plugins available out there that can help improve your website or web application. In this article, we will be looking at 14 free & possibly unknown WordPress plugins for WordPress developers.

wordpress plugins for developers

1. User Switching

User Switching is known to be a super useful plugin that enables you to switch between multiple registered users. There is no need for you to enter username and password after installing the User Switching. As they are stating “This is handy for test environments where you regularly log out and in between different accounts, or for administrators who need to switch between multiple accounts”

2. Monster Widget

Are you a WordPress developer? The Monster Widget will be a great time saver for you! It consolidates all 13 core widgets into a single widget enabling theme developers to create multiple instances with ease. Monster Widget is known to be important when testing your new WordPress theme since it makes it possible for you to test more than one widget at the same time.

3. Debug Bar

The Debug Bar is known to be a super useful WordPress plugin that adds an additional menu to the WordPress backend by displaying memory usage, cache, query and other important information. It is also possible for one to enable PHP warnings and notices whenever the WP_DEBUG is enabled.

4. WP Login Security 2

Although the WP Login Security 2 has not been updated for some time, it is known to be a great tool when it comes to security matters on your WordPress website.
The WP Login Security 2 will offer you with a list of the IP addresses. In case there is an IP address that is not recognized, the plugin will automatically send an email to the user with a link that contains a key. You will be let in straight away when you try to log in from a known IP address.

5. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is easy to use security plugin for any WordPress site. This plugin will add new security features to your site and help it reduce the vulnerabilities and risks.

6. Brute Protect

In case someone tries different combinations of usernames and passwords over and over again in order to gain access to your WordPress website, the brute-force attack can easily lead to server and performance issues since the bots will be trying to log in many times that can make the server overload.

The Brute Protect WordPress plugin can help prevent such situations. In case someone tries to log into your website many times, his or her IP addresses will be restricted from your website.

7. WordFence

WordFence is a popular plugin. It will always start to check your WordPress site for infections and malware immediately you install it. This is usually done with a server side scan for your source code.

8. Theme Check

Are you are WordPress developer or just a developer who is working with a third party theme? It is important to know that the Theme Check plugin for WordPress is a must have!
The Theme Check plugin is known to be an easy way for checking your theme. This plugin is known to use the same criteria as By having this plugin added to your toolkit, you will ensure that you have created and used theme supports for the latest WordPress theme standards and practices. The Theme Check is also known to run automated tests that will check for conformity of your themes.

9. BackWPup

For sure, you are now aware of how important the back links are. With the BackWPup, you have a great plugin that will do an excellent job when it comes to saving complete WordPress installations to external services like the FTP servers, Dropbox and much more.

10. Helpful Information

The Helpful Information WordPress plugin is known to be a great and important plugin when it comes to displaying additional information on the currently viewed web page. Helpful Information will show information such as the current post type, the enqueued scripts and styles and the included files on a page.

11. Simple History

The simple history is not only useful for WordPress developers but it is also great for WordPress users. The Simple History is known to display the most recent changes that have been made within WordPress directly on the dashboard page. Many changes are always made when you are working and developing a new WordPress website. It is possible to get a quick overview of the recent changes with Simple History. Simple History will also reveal information on the failed user logins, widgets information, and the new pages and posts.

12. Query Monitor

The Query Monitor is known to be useful for debugging WordPress plugins that are responsible for adding the new toolbar at the admin bar or your WordPress. The toolbar query data are usually displayed together with the other features that are not displayed in any other debugging plugin.

13. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to choose when it comes to optimizing the performance of your WordPress website. The process of optimizing the speed and the load time of your website can be a great challenge. You can make use of caching by using W3 Total Cache.

14. The RTL Tester

There are high chances that your WordPress website will be viewed by people who read from right to left especially when developing a website of application for international markets.  You will be able to test your themes or plugins in the RTL mode with the RTL Tester. The plugin will automatically add buttons to the admin bar that will enable you to switch the text direction on your site.


Some few WordPress plugins will make the life of web developers easily when they are developing WordPress websites. It is important to note that you do not have to install all the plugins that have been presented. You just need to try some few ones and see if they will save your time and resources.


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