8 Signs Your Web Developers Suck and How to Replace Them

8 Signs Your Web Developers Suck and How to Replace Them

There are multitudes of web developers out there looking to help you create your identity on the internet. There are only a handful that can help you do that extremely well. How can you weed out the bad from the good? In this post below we listed a few signs that allow you to know that your web developers sucks.

your web developers suck

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If your web developer throws an attractive women smiling with a headset, AKA a “headset hottie”, on your contacts page ready to take a support call then you already know your website will be less then genuine. This is a tell-tale sign of generic web design. Another one is “the handshake.”

We listed a few signs that allow you to know that your developers sucks Click To Tweet

Lack of good communication with the testers and other team members

Your web developer should be contacting you with updates regularly. They should show that when they have a question they are not hesitant to contact you and work WITH you on your project, not just FOR you. How long do they take to respond to your sales query? The more eagerness they show to work with you, the more serious they will be about the job. If it take them over a week to respond, then you are not their top priority and you should find someone who will take your project more seriously.


As with everything else in the professional world, you get what you pay for. Web development is no different. If you go to Craigslist and find a web designer willing to make a quick web page for $200 chances are you will end up getting someone that fulfills every bad practice in this article. Going cheap on a project usually results in a waste of time and money as when the work comes out and you need it re-done, you then have to pay someone to fix it! Save yourself the time and ultimately the money and don’t pay under $1,000 for a website as it will probably not be worth the investment.

If you are related

Hiring somebody that you know brings in a few factors that you won’t encounter by hiring someone you don’t know. For example, if you know someone who is a great web designer you may get a whopping discount, but sooner or later your project won’t be worth their time and will fall on their backburner. Also hiring web developers you know will make it significantly harder to fire them which is just another hurtle in itself.

No project management software

Project management softwares are what keep projects organized and centralized. It keeps track of tasks, responsibilities, timelines, and organizes assets. There is not one good web developer out there that does not use a project management software. If your developers don’t, then it’s definitely a sign to give them the boot.

They are too spread out

You need to make sure your web developers aren’t spread too thin. If they have three open projects at the same time then you already know yours probably will not be top priority and will take longer than it should to develop. A lot of bad web developers do this to reach their goals when in actuality they are being less efficient for themselves and their clients.

8 Signs Your Web Developers Suck and How to Replace Them Click To Tweet

No SEO strategy

If your web developers don’t address search engine optimization, then you already know you should kick them to the curb. Making a website without addressing SEO is like buying a car without an engine; yes, you will have it, but it won’t get you anywhere.

No scope of work

A good scope of work outlines all the work that needs to be done. This has to be agreed upon by both the client and the web developer before the project begins. If your developers don’t clarify the full scope of a project chances are they won’t give you exactly what you want when it is their job to understand you and do so.

Do your web developers fit in more than half of these points? If so then you definitely need to give them the snip. Taking the time to find a great developer will pay off in the end. In most cases you are going to want quality over cost and when it comes to web development you get what you pay for so put a little time into choosing the right web developer for your project and don’t settle for less. Make sure you can communicate well and take a look at their past work to see if their style fits your needs.

5 places to find top web developers

  1. Toptal: A website that only accepts the top 3% of their applicants as freelancers to have the top-of-the-line developers and designers.
  2. LinkedIn: This site has become one of the most popular ways to recruit talent. You can find professionals with the desired skills you seek and network through career specialists that the site has.
  3. StackExchange: This is where the top developers hang out. They ask each other questions and solve problems together. If you go through its list of top users you can find them and view their skills.
  4. Smashing Jobs: A site dedicated specifically to design and programming. A post on here grants some serious exposure to the programming community and will definitely be able to get the right eyes on your project.
  5. College Recruiter: This is a great place to find fresh talent and underrated developers. This network connects millions of students and recent graduates with companies, daily.


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